Triple lumen catheter

Product Description:

Straight Triple Lumen Catheter for Dialysis
 • Ideal for extracorporeal therapies :dialysis, hemofiltration, apheresis and plasmapheresis.
• Third lumen gives greater flexibility for fluid administration, vasoactive drug therapy, nutrition and blood sampling.
• Integral soft tip reduces occurrence of stenosis and erosion.
• MRI compatible.

 Catheter Contents :

 1 ea Flexi-Cath-T, 1 ea Stepper Dilator 12 F,2 ea Injection Caps.

 Kit Contents :

1 ea Flexi-Cath-T, 1 ea Stepper Dilator 12 F, 2 ea Injection Caps.
 1 ea Introducer Needle 18/7, 1 ea Guidewire JFS 80-38, 1 ea 5ml Syringe, 1 ea Scalpel. 


  • Specifications:

    Type                                                 Precut          Tapered Tip
    Working Length                                  190cm             190cm
    Cutting length                                     20.25.30mm     20.25.30mm
    Catheter Size                                      2.2/1.8             2.2/1.8
    Recommended Guided Wire               025/.035           025/.035