Double lumen catheter

Vascular access for extracorporeal blood purification with HEMO-LINE catheters.HEMO-LINE Double Lumen Catheters are offered in different lengths and French diameters. They can be inserted in the subclavia, jugular or femoral vein  Clear luer lock connectors made of PVC which comply with international standard ISO 594. No colour in contact with  blood.

  Clear non-sticking extension lines made of polyurethane.

  Catheter available with straight extension lines as well as with curved extension lines for optimal patient comfort if  inserted into the jugular      vein.

  Patented colour-coded safety-clamps eliminate the risk of mis-clamping. Catheter dimensions and priming volume for exact heparinization    permanently imprinted on safety insert of clamp.

  Flat moulded polyurethane bifurcation with a straight configuration avoiding dead space, flow turbulences and reduced venous     pressure.

  Small rotatable suture ring for less skin irritation, fixation with minimum skin contact. Also easy repositioning of     catheter without opening     the sutures.


  • Type:  Central Venous
    Material Type:  Plastic, Latex
    Shape:  Straight-Single, Curved
    Size:  Small, Medium, Intermediate, Large, Extra-Large
    Minimum Order Quantity:  1000