An innovation in cardiac catherization, the Cordis VISTA BRITE TIP® Guiding Catheters are indicated for the delivery of inerventional devices to coronary or peripheral vascular systems.

  • Back-up and Support: Access and Crossability – The VISTA BRITE TIP® Catheters assist wires and devices to reach and cross distal lesions.
  • Radiopacity: Excellent Visibility – A highly radiopaque distal ultra soft tip helps promote safe atraumatic engagement and precise placement.
  • Shape Retention: Strength & Stability – VISTA BRITE TIP® Catheters maintain shape and remain engaged during lengthy and challenging procedures.
Cordis offers a complete line of Extra Backup Guides for both the left and right coronary arteries, and a complete line of specialty guides to suit special case needs.


  • ADROIT® Guiding Catheter 42
     • ADROIT®Guiding Catheter - EcoPac Five Pacs 51
     • VISTA BRITE TIP® and Long VISTA BRITE TIP®Guiding Catheters 52