Gambro 9000 Ultrafilter

For ultrapure dialysis fluid The U9000 ultrafilter is central to the dialysis fluid delivery system: 
• Purification of incoming water for dialysis 
• Preparation of ultrapure dialysis fluid 
• On-line preparation of sterile substitution fluid* 
• High bacterial and endotoxin retention capabilities, both throughout the treatment and during subsequent sessions 
• Convenient disinfection 
• Extended life time (150 disinfection cycles or 3 months)
* In combination with an additional single use ultrafilter with Gambro dialysis machines. 
** When the U9000 ultrafilter is used in combination with Gambro dialysis machines, only the disinfections recommended in the machine operator manuals should be used. Furthermore, the disinfection should follow the procedure described in the operator manual.


  • DIASCAN quality control tool
     Conductivity-based and flow-rate controlled concentrate dosing
     Disinfection log
     BICART cartridge holder
     Syringe pump
     U9000 Ultrafilter Option
     BPM Option
    Treatment history
    Alarm history